Your First Trip to Morocco – What You Need to Know

It cannot be denied that it can be a cultural shock, especially during your first visit. It is a huge and confusing country, with many different religions and cultures, and cities that scream of traffic and non-stop activity. So how do you prepare for your first trip to Morocco? It is better to follow some essential rules.


Avoid exhaustion: By far the most common complaint reported by visitors for a first trip to Morocco. Morocco is vast, colorful and addictive. A judiciously planned visit to a particular area can offer a lot of the spirit of the place. And remember, Morocco is not going anywhere: you can come back and time again.

For Morocco Complete Trips Guide:

Get out of town: Although it can be, the only way to get a real sense of Morocco is to visit small villages. The real benefit is that it’s going to take you out of sprawling cities and overcrowded. Go for a walk in the mountains or the state of Kerala, in the south, you will be much better placed to enjoy the famous hospitality of Moroccan town’s people.

Watch what you eat and drink: a bad stomach is common enough for the first trips to Morocco. This does not mean that you should exclude street food, but try to eat fresh fruits and foods that have been boiled or fried. Drink bottled water and avoid salads or ice cream.

Do not be too protective of your personal space: it’s not really a popular concept in Morocco. You will be caught in public transport and in elevators. People will ask you seemingly intrusive personal questions that you may find intimidating. Remember that it is a totally different culture and the questions are indicative of the polite interest of the local population towards you.

Dress up soberly: be aware that Morocco has a relatively modest culture. Covering your arms and legs is a simple step towards this culture. These people are not familiar with their culture, but you can quickly make a good impression, for example, by removing your shoes before entering someone’s house. This is especially important when entering a sacred space, such as a temple. If you also see shoes outside a store, this is a sign that you must remove yours.

Attention to the feet and hands: feet are considered to be impure in Morocco, so please touch something with your feet, it is appropriate to apologize quickly. Likewise, unpleasant for reasons bestowed to the imagination and If in doubt about local customs, observe what others are doing and imitate them.

Remember that the Moroccan time is relative when you are in your time. Traffic and other interruptions may also mean that Plan a lot of waiting for the opening hours of the day.

Think about your safety: Although “do not go into the dark streets alone” may be a bit obvious, there are many other simple ways to avoid the dangers in Morocco. Having huge amounts of cash is not a good idea everywhere, in major Moroccan cities pick pocketing is a big problem right now. Similarly, bargaining can, at times, become an unpleasant heated exchange. Inexperienced visitors are welcome to try to stay cool. Be nice but firm, and do not become unpleasant.

Be prepared for noises: there is nothing that looks like incessant noises of a Moroccan city.

Avoid transactions that seem too good to be true: The best way to avoid scams, but simple rules like paying for things with money to avoid credit card scams can save you a lot of unnecessary trouble later in your trip. You should also pay special attention if you have agreed to pay for it.

The benefits of business coaching training

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Biggest Gains

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Vocational training is important for almost all entrepreneurs, especially those who have just started. Since no one knows everything, even if you are efficient in running a business, you still have a lot to understand. You can also get a lot of amazing ideas from you, not a whole new perspective, it’s priceless.

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