Best Foot Massager: Between Care and Relaxation

Why does the foot massage please so much?

The feet. All day, they support our weight. All day, they are locked in shoes, not necessarily the most comfortable. Despite this, we often forget to take care of it, obsessed as we are by so many other areas of our body (back, face, skull …). And yet, with its some 7,500 nerve endings, the feet are the receptacle of all our tensions.¬†After reading this you must be thinking about buying the massagers and here we will make your job easy by providing the 10 best foot massager types, buying guide and reviews so that you can choose the best one.

The whole world is massaging!

While China and Thailand are known worldwide for their foot massages, they are widely practiced on the African continent, especially in South Africa. The South African foot reflexology is nicknamed “the soft” and advocates a subtle touch and much lighter than in China or Thailand. Ideal for the ticklish! Foot massage is also traditionally practiced on infants, from the peoples of the Far North to the Hawaiian beaches.

The Main Principles of Foot Massage

The influence of reflexology

On the basis of foot reflexology, foot massage is a way of access to all organs of the body. It relieves pain and tension sometimes old and without systematic use of drugs. Indeed, reflexology is based on the idea that our feet are a reflection of different areas of our body. By stimulating specific points, called reflex points, one can interact remotely with the suffering organs.

The different reflex zones

Thus, the pulp of the toes corresponds to the brain. The bulging part, just before the big toe, is the area of the heart. The reflex zone of the spine is on the inside of the foot. The center of the heel corresponds to the small intestine (and concerns more generally all that relates to the digestion). When Achilles tendon, it allows to work the prostate, at the man, and the uterus, at the woman. Find more reflex zones by following this link.

Foot massage: for whom, why?

The benefits of foot massage

The foot massage stimulates the nerves via the nerve endings present in the feet. It also stimulates blood circulation and lymphatic drainage, balances vital functions, relieves stress and relaxes muscles by eliminating impurities. Depending on the needs, the message can be more insistent on a reflex zone to be treated. Finally, his last argument – and not least: the foot massage is extremely pleasant!

Who can benefit?

Foot massage can be performed on infants as well as on the elderly, without age restriction. However, we must pay attention to certain criteria. For example, the subject must have healthy feet (no fungal infections, warts, etc.). In addition, a diabetic person must report his affection to the masseur. This one will be careful not to stimulate too much the area of the pancreas. Ditto for people suffering from heart diseases and for pregnant women, especially during the first three months of pregnancy. Visit our blog for more information.

Author: Felicia Bishop