Dash Diet with Mumbai Square: What makes it More Special

As we mentioned, DASH is not so much a diet, but rather a healthy diet. In contrast to many diets, DASH is also perfectly suited to follow with the whole family. The children can even join in! With the DASH diet you do not have any fiddling with separate meals, and you can just sit at your table as a family or together with friends.

Mumbai Square London

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Why follow the DASH diet? We think that simple and healthy eating is easy. Nevertheless, in practice this is dirty against many people. The method of the DASH diet offers clear handles that make healthy and varied food easy. With information, the diet plan, support groups and all sorts of handy recipe books, you simply take the step to a healthier life.

This makes the DASH diet a really modern diet, which fits with this time. More and more people are beginning to realize that a good diet is not based on weird frills but on a normal, healthy and fresh diet. And that you do not have to starve yourself, but that you have to be a little bit sweet for your own body.

What does science say about the DASH diet?

Practically every diet claims that it is based on scientific insights. Unfortunately, it is all too often about empty cries, meant to impress the consumer. Of integer science or thorough research is often not even spoken. Everything is made up together.

With the DASH diet it is really different again. Finally, the DASH diet was developed from a medical point of view and is based on the latest insights in the field of healthy nutrition, and the link between nutrition and healthy blood pressure.

Benefits of the DASH diet

The main advantage of the DASH diet has already been discussed above. It is not really a diet in the sense of the word that you have to deal with all sorts of weird eating rules. The DASH diet method simply means that you maintain a healthy and varied diet. Within that method, extra attention is paid to nutrition that contributes to healthy blood pressure and good heart health. Research shows that the DASH diet in this respect also gives real results for many people who start it. Another big advantage of the DASH diet is that there is actually nothing you should never eat. It is best to sin one time. Mind you, that does not mean that you can eat anything you like. Everything must remain in balance.

Author: Felicia Bishop